Friday, June 25

Rest in Peace Cute Nicknames....Rest in Peace

Apparently the term "brace boy" must come to an end.

No, the brace is still occasionally worn. It's not officially over yet.

"So why would this adorable and loving nickname have to end?" you ask.

Well, my sweet brace bo...oh wait....can't say that anymore....

my sweet husband said the nickname must end.
it's not manly enough.

and even though my husband is certainly very manly and strong and handsome....
to me calling someone "Brace Manly-Man" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

In my defense, I have 5 reasons on why this nickname came to be:

1. Dan wears a brace.
2. He is male.
3. I like alliteration.
4. Nicknames are fun.
5. I am helping him get from brace to better.

But sadly, 
though I have helped my husband get better,
have enjoyed many fun snacks with him during his time of need,
and have had lots of face-time with the brace,
the nickname apparently is banished from our home.

And so dear friends, you will not hear me utter the words "brace boy" again.
It is a chapter of the book that is sadly shut.
And it makes me sad.
But apparently, according to Dan & Company, 
I was not going to get my new iPhone
if I used my loving, wonderful, and creative nickname again.

So farewell "brace boy nickname".
Your two words were sweet to say
with your smooth sounds and alliteration...
and your meaning was even sweeter
since they were in reference to my

It was hard to choose between the nickname and my iPhone
and I wish I didn't have to.
Farewell loving nickname.
You will be forever in my heart
and secretly in my head at all times because no one can stop me from thinking it.

The. End.


  1. RIP "Brace Boy" nickname.

    Perhaps Pluto can keep you company...