Sunday, June 20

An Essay: My Summer Vacation, 2010 Style

In approximately 3 days...(maybe 4, maybe 5, most likely 3)
I will be on summer vacation!!! (Screams of happiness!!!) 

I have 3 goals this summer:
1. Learn how to dive
2. Eat one vegetable a day
3. Read one book a week

I will probably fail at number 2.
But mistakes aren't monsters and I'm okay with failing at that one.

And I am considering selling tickets to my diving attempts.
I have attempted diving in the past.
And royally failed.
Miserably failed.
Belly flops.
Water in my nose.
Drowned rat look.
The whole bit.

Is this impossible for anyone else?
How does someone force their head to go before their body into the water?
How do you defy gravity in your feet while letting your head feel the force?

Anyway, I am marveled by the act of diving.
And I'm determined to be a part of the magic.

Alright...back to the lists...

I have 5 things on my to-do list:
1. Sew. Sew. Sew. Crayon and car rolls. Clothing. Pillows. I'm even going to attempt sewing a brand new C2 vertebrae for brace boy.
2. Cook. Cook. Cook. and eat. eat. eat. (favorite)
3. Wear sweatpants and other various comfy outfits as much as possible.
4. Figure out how to transform my bedroom from a white-walled-monster to a chic and beautiful place of rest.
5. Have play-dates with my friends. Beach. Talking. Snacks. Possible Singing. Dance. Eat cookie dough. Make sand angels. Synchronized swimming.

Summer is as sweet as if I dived into a pool full of sugar.
Which actually sounds wonderful...
6. Make and swim in a pool full of sugar.

as my 2009 blog entry about summer prompted,
I feel a poem coming on...

Summer summer 2010
I can't believe it's summer again.
Time to sit under sun beams
New adventures with ice-cream.
Summer feels like a piece of heaven.
This poem's over until 2011.


  1. *i can't dive either =) fail. fail. fail. i even took swim lessons and perplexed the world with my poor swimming ability.
    *also, i might aim for the 1 vegetable thing myself...i'm thinking 1 a week may be more attainable than 1 a day =)

    happy summer!!

  2. don't forget to put finishing Buffy on the list! That one will be easy!

  3. Come to my house and practice on the diving board!

  4. I have witnessed the diving attempts from age 4 to 18. But you almost had it. You can do it Ash. I believe in you. :) tee

  5. Oh, the things I could say about you "learning" to dive at Lake Kandle. We even asked a swimming and diving coach to help.
    But you are on...
    You dive, we all go for a milkshake.

  6. Hey Ashley! I would love to buy a crayon roll from you once you make them. It would be the perfect present for my Hannah Girl!