Saturday, July 17

Stealing Seagulls

Sitting on the sand.
With a hoagie in my hand.

The waves were crashing.
My Italian hoagie was smashing.

My hand held the hoagie near my face.
With my mouth open ready to embrace.

I felt two claws on my head.
And I soon realized a seagull stole my bread!

He was around and there he did linger.
He stole my hoagie and almost my finger!

I did not act like a grown-up at all.
I did not maturely brush off my finger-losing close-call.

I started screaming to the birds in the sky.
Children were scared and possibly I nearly cried.

The birds were quite rude; they didn't even say please.
And now I am as afraid of them as I am of spiders and bees.

This story is true- your own hoagies are at stake!
So eat your hoagie at home or at a seagull-free lake.


  1. i'll never forget my first time at the shore when a gull took my fried dough. i still haven't recovered!

  2. Funny!
    I remember Matthew taking a piece of pizza and standing in the sand like the statue of liberty trying to feed the seagulls. The gulls were too afraid to trust him.

  3. It's kind of an initiation, having your food stolen by a seagull!