Thursday, August 5

The Tattoo Tale

We walked into the tattoo parlor.

I wasn't expecting it to look like a preschool
but I can't say I was prepared for the pictures of poison skulls and dragons
and the assortment of large belly button rings
that could be mistaken for water buoys.

Make no mistake.
The place was extremely clean
and the artist was great.
So of course we stayed there...
though I did consider asking to rent a belly button ring for my water adventures.

Biff went first.
She's so brave.
She did awesome and her tattoo looked great.

I sat down in the chair
ready to giggle my way through the pain free process.

Really, I was not that naive.
I did not think it was going to feel like kisses
or a spa treatment at Verde.

But I wasn't expecting it to feel like
a bunch of small bumblebees
stabbing me with their stingers
and then diving under my skin to make honey.

And it did.

If you like it when people scrape you to your innards with pointy things,
you will love getting a tattoo.

If you hate it,
quite honestly,
you probably still will like getting a tattoo.
The pain is totally worth it for a cute piece of permanency.

But let me tell you, it definitely hurt.

I was sweating profusely
and my heart was pounding.
I was working harder than I do in my spinning class
and I wasn't even moving.
I almost needed a 5 minute break
during my 5 minute tattoo.

To my defense, the foot is an extremely painful place to get a tattoo...
but even though my biff will agree it hurt a lot,
possibly she did not sweat
nor did she feel the need to take a break.
Like I said, she's my hero.

Finally, the process was over.
My tattoo was covered with ointment and plastic wrap
and the pain went away.

And now I'm left with a beautiful star.
And it's size may be close to that of a Smartie,
but what it means to me is the size of the world.


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