Wednesday, September 22

I just wrote to say I love you and I mean it from the bottom of my heart...

Dear Makers of the Sleeve Blanket,

First of all, God bless you.
A blanket that caters to my computer addiction
is most appreciated and most desired and most needed.

Prior to owning a sleeve blanket
which I now lovingly call my "Sleevey Wonder"
I had to either have cold arms
or give up some computer time.

I would try to weasel and maneuver my way around the keys
trying to type with a few brave fingers peeking out of the blanket.
but lo and behold, the blanket would always find a way to disappoint me
and leave me shivering in sadness for a blanket wonder with sleeves.

I look like a monk
and I like it.
A very important monk I might add,
who has lots of business on blogger and facebook and deal sites
and likes to eat cheese and apples and chocolate and ice-cream in her monk-wear.

And so, makers of the sleeve blanket,
thank you ever so much.
my Sleevey Wonder is now a lifelong love
the one who keeps me warm
the one who keeps me looking foolish important
and the one who has stole my heart.

I will be eternally grateful for you
(and my husband's work, who gifted us with this blanket)
for bringing us together.

And now this letter must end,
for I have some very important eating and facebook stalking business
to attend to...

Thanks for my Sleevey-Wonder,
who is the sunshine blanket of my life,
and the apple of my eye,


  1. Pita! You make me smile!!! I love reading your blog occasionally it makes me laugh... I miss you Love, vanessa