Saturday, October 23

Back to Blogging! (Alternately Titled: My First Babies in Belly Post!!)

If an award could be given for "Blogger Slacker",
I would win all the prizes.

I have had a lot to write about in the past month,
but nothing I could share yet on this blog.
But now that the word is out that
Baby A Stephens and Baby B Stephens
are in my belly growing, 
I'm ready to jump back on the blog wagon.

But that's about all the jumping I will do.
These babies like me to lay on the couch and nap.
A lot. 
So I do.
Got to make those sacrifices.

Speaking of Baby A and Baby B,
I am so proud of them because on Monday,
they will be the size of kidney beans!
They are so big already!

In case you are not aware of what I'm talking about,
someone had the amazing idea
to compare the baby to an actual object each week
so that people can picture their baby's (or in this case babies') size better.

So far, Baby A and Baby B have surpassed the size of
a poppyseed (week 4),

a sesame seed (week 5),

a lentil (week 6),

a blueberry (week 7),

and by Monday, they will be cute little kidney beans.

Dan downloaded a guy app for pregnancy
that compare to objects too.
There aren't new objects every week, but every four weeks.
and the baby is shown growing to the same object for those weeks.

My sweet babies are compared to the following:
a beer cap, a matchstick, a cigaret, a beer bottle,
a football, a pizza, a car tire, and a fire extinguisher.

Now, I have a few issues with this.
These include:
1. Picturing myself birthing a fire extinguisher.
Actually, birthing two.
This is not the picture I think of
when I dream about the day our sweet babies enter this world.
Even if a fire was in the building,
that hospital better be up to code
because I will not be birthing fire extinguishers for them to use.
2. The thought of "sweet" cigarets and beer bottles
growing in my belly.
Um. Yuck.
Clearly, this app is not our favorite.
Why would someone assume a guy would only understand a baby's size if compared to these things?
I'm pretty sure Dan knows what a blueberry is.

The one good thing this app did
was give me a good idea.
So now, it is my personal goal
to come up with a snack comparison for each week.
How come no one has done this?

The ironic thing is Baby A and Baby B love applesauce and salad a lot lately!
Crazy, I know!
But don't you worry.
I've had my share of donuts (shout out to Deluxe) and ice-cream cake as well.

Anyway....back to my comparisons
I won four votes for awesome for my comparisons already-
Three from me since I get three votes now,
and one from Dan.
I automatically counted him as an "Yes for awesome"
by his boisterous laugh he gave
when I read these to him.
Though quite possibly, Dan always thinks I'm awesome.
Even when I'm not.

Week 4: Chocolate Shaving (the littlest of little ones)

Week 5: One Sprinkle

Week 6: A Mini M&M

Week 7: A Smartie

Week 8 (Monday): A Pez
Now, these are not scientific,
nor are they exact comparisons.
But since Baby A and Baby B are already so sweet
and I love them so much,
I wanted to compare them to my sweet candy loving.

Stay tuned for Baby A's and Baby B's first ultrasound photo shoot!


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