Saturday, October 23

First Photo Shoot in the Womb

Two posts in one day!

On Tuesday, we had a photo shoot with our babies via ultrasound.
The quality of these photos are a bit fuzzy
because they are scanned photocopies the nurse gave me
of the actual ultrasound pictures.

I can't wait until I can have 
photograph these sweet babies!

Baby A
Measuring in at 6.9mm

Baby A's Heartbeat
130.43 beats per minute
The Old Wives' Tale has this baby as a boy with a heart rate under 140 bpm.

Baby B
Measuring in at 7 mm

Baby B's Heartbeat
136.38 beats per minute
Again, the Old Wives' Tale has this baby as a boy.
I guess we'll see!

Family Portrait
Look how much they love each other.
Aren't they the cutest little *almost the size of* kidney beans you have ever seen?


  1. they are beautiful and perfect! and most likely, more delicious than kidney beans! =) you know, in the cute baby way and not in the edible way =)

  2. so glad you are back and blogging about such wonderful things! so happy for you guys. excited for updates! :)