Monday, November 29

Grow Grow Baby

I started my 2nd trimester today!
It is going so fast
and my sweet babies are growing so quickly and so big!

Here is the next month's edition of "What size are they?"
Yes. I made a game show title.
I picture the audience screaming it with emphasis on the word "are".
You just tried it in your brain, didn't you?
It's pretty fun to scream in your brain.

Alright, anyway, here we go.....

9 weeks, our sweet babies were little green olives at just under an inch long.

10 weeks, they were little baby prunes. I found the cutest prune picture I could find...and find it, I did.

At week 11, they were cute little limes. I went to Shop Rite that week and saw limes and they looked huge to me. I almost took two and put them on my belly and did a little dance, but feared that people would start laughing at me or Big Foot's Brother from another mother would come and get me. You know, because he's real.

Week 12, the babies were plums. That's right. Just two weeks ago, they were the size of dried up plums and today, they are already the size of soft and loveable plums. You all call your plums soft and loveable right? 2.1 inches long too!

And today, week 13. The coveted beginning of the 2nd trimester. 2.9 inches long and the size of peaches. (yes, I felt my belly grow this week- I wasn't sure if it was Thanskgiving or the babies, but considering how much they grew in one week (.8 inch!), I'll just believe it was the babies and not the ninety-one helpings of mashed potatoes I ate).

Ok...are you all waiting for the candy comparison?
Well then, let's all say it...
"What size ARE they?"

I'm corny, I know.

Speaking of corn, I was 9 weeks around Halloween and those babies were just about the size of candy corn. The sweetest candy corn around. The kind that doesn't make you sick after you compulsively eat an entire bag of it in one sitting.

10 weeks- a piece of know, the delicious kind from the 25 cent machine you all still put your quarters in every time you see a good one.

11 weeks- A mini cupcake. Yum. That's all I can say about that.

12 weeks- A nice round scoop of ice-cream. The perfect scoop that only a professional scooper can do. And I thought this picture was perfect- with it's pink and blue stripes.... totally baby blog post appropriate.

13 weeks- The candy comparison starts to get hard here. I did one time have a giant everlasting gobstopper that was almost as exciting as my sweet babies. Especially because I was 10 years old and it lasted me a good few weeks. I wanted to marry Mr. Bulky that day. (P.S... this picture looks like a dinosaur egg from outer space, but I promise you, it's a giant gobstopper. And if you have never had one, I would recommend you run immediately to your neighborhood candy store.)

So there we have it.
(and yes, I've noticed the font size change...I guess my font wanted to grow like my babies...I tried to make it "normal" and that made it tinier than the normal of above, and the next option was "large" which is what you are viewing...) 

Again, I cannot believe how fast they are growing!
(the babies, not the font)
They grow faster than that friendship bread 
that used to get past around
that I secretly ate dough out of when my mom wasn't looking.

Really, the miracle of life is such a miracle. 

I have an appointment on Wednesday that I am so excited about! 
I get an ultrasound
and will finally get to post another in-the-womb photo shoot. 
I haven't seen them in 5 weeks
and I am sure Dan and I will be blown away 
by how different they look
and I can. not. wait. 

So until then, have a good week.
Eat some candy. 
Gobstopper preferred.