Saturday, November 27

Heartburn Hurts my Heart (and my Esophagus)

Dear Heartburn,

I love what you signify-
that there are two sweet babies in my belly.
But other than that,
I strongly dislike you.

You welcome yourself around the hour of six p.m. nightly...
Setting small matches off in my esophagus
making me wonder if it's heartburn
or if someone possibly lit a small fire in my stomach
or poured acid in my beverage
without telling me.

I have tried everything to get rid of you....
eating smaller meals.
sitting up after eating.
doing the heartburn dance.
eating Tums like they were M&M's.
and eating actual M&M's.
(ok...eating M&M's was more of a means of consoling myself).

I am not complaining
because having you is a reminder of my sweet babies...
but if I could choose my reminder,
I would probably choose another one...
like using my heartbeat monitor
or looking at my sweet babies' picture.
I probably wouldn't choose the reminder entitled
"Esophagus fire nightly"

But until I figure out
where the magical beans or broom are
that will help get rid of you,
(because at this point it seems like magic is the only thing left to try)
I will just be thankful for the babies you remind me of.

From my heart to yours,


  1. tums were my bff during all of my pregnancies! sorry!! crackers kind of settled things down for me. kind of. boo to heartburn!

  2. i hear ya!!!! just when it's the perfect snacky time i can't think of eating cuz my insides are on fire! yuck! i'm sorry!