Tuesday, November 2

Time for Bed! (a lot of the time)

"The thought of a nap later gets me out of bed in the morning".

I read this quote today.
Cracked up.
Loved it.

My major pregnancy symptom has been sleepiness.
Which, secretly (or not so secretly now),
is a symptom I certainly don't mind...
I actually am in love with it.

I love sleeping.
on the couch or in my bed.
possibly in the car on the way to Schroon Lake (I'm coming Nov 22!)
and socks.

Possibly I sleep a double digit number of hours at night...
and then take a nice nap most afternoons...
and still find myself in disbelief when the clock reads 9:30
and it feels like midnight or later.

I just tried to make a rap about naps.
I got as far as "Boom chicka. This is the nap rap".
but then I got too tired.
So I have to go to bed.

Hey, it's what the babies want!


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