Sunday, December 5

Baby A and Baby B and Dan and big happy family.

We saw our babies on Wednesday!
They were so cute with their little arms and legs and baby brains and hearts.

I'm not sure how much personality information
you can honestly get from an ultrasound,
especially a 13 week ultrasound,
but we have already come up with
what we think were some characteristics of our babies
based on our 45 minute time watching them.
(yes, 45 minutes. Thank you, Baby A!).

Baby B:
A big mover.
That baby was moving and grooving all over.
Hands all over the place.
Body bouncing everywhere.
Just like my sweet husband has been since birth...
and possibly before.

Let me give you some wonderful examples
of my husband's busy personality...
you know...
just to explain better...
and because I never really get to talk about Dan's qualities on my blog
and this is the perfect opportunity!

Dan used to get in trouble when he was little
because he would be found taking apart
oscillating fans, clocks, remote controls, stereos,
or building a pulley system for his bunk bed.
all true stories.

I hold Dan's hand in must-sit-still settings
(sometimes both hands)
partially because I love him
and partially because he could be found
taking apart things, tapping on the seat, or doing a dance.
ok. mayyybe not a dance.
but not sure what all the moving is about sometimes!!

Dan can't sleep.
When he is trying to sleep,
he moves and moves and moves
and I get to be a part of feeling like I am on a trampoline
instead of my bed.
Sometimes I yell about this.

Not to sound like I am spilling out frustrations or anything.... honest!
His can't-stop-must-always-be-playing-with-something part of him
is not something I love him in spite of,
but it's something that I honestly love him because of.
I really love that about him!
He is a very diligent and hard worker
because of his moving and grooving drive.

*example- I slept for two hours this afternoon.
I woke up and he told me he had cleaned the entire upstairs.
and he really had. and better than I could have*

Baby A:
Would. not. move.
While the ultrasound tech would poke and prod
for 45 minutes,
that baby just arched it's back.
The tech kept calling Baby A stubborn.
as Baby B would try to get his/her little hands in the picture
as the tech would try to get Baby A to move just 10 degrees.

My mom cracked up when I told her about Baby A
because she said it sounded like me.
Me? Stubborn?
I think not.
I'm pretty easy going.
I like change.
I'm chill.
Baby A takes after me because we both like chilling.
Not because we possibly might both be stubborn.

Even after relieving half of my bladder,
(yes. I was instructed to relieve half.
Have you ever done that? It's kind of fancy.)
Baby A didn't really move,
but instead flipped completely over
making it just as tricky to see...
but our wonderful tech did her best and finally got a good shot
by shoving the probe deep underneath my pelvic bone
with no help at all to Baby A.

Which I really loved
because Baby A cracks me up
and I totally get being stubborn.
I confess.

I'm not saying that what we saw today
defines our baby's personalities
but I believe in a mixture of nuture and nature
so I think these sweet babies already have character traits
that maybe even an ultrasound could show.

Ok. Ready for pictures?

We are so in love. 
I can't even express it.


  1. Another funny Dan story: Scene: The "green room" for Me & My Girl, of which Dan was the lead. Full costumes, minutes before he needs to go back on stage. Is he rehearsing his lines, pacing nervously, getting into character? No. He's kneeling next to me at my sewing machine while I fixed a costume asking me in-depth questions and figuring out how the needle, bobbin & thread interact to create a stitch!

  2. Just heard on the news that cell phone use by the mother affects the behavior of children in the womb. Maybe baby B has been listening in on your conversations!