Friday, December 17

Happily Ever After

Dan and I celebrate five years of marriage today.

Five years ago,
at 2pm on December 17, 2005,
I walked down the aisle
kissed my dad as he gave me away
and married my best friend.

When I got married,
I was well aware that life isn't always a fairy tale....
though I firmly believed (and still do)
that since I was marrying my best friend,
even the hard times spent together
would be better
than any amount of good times without each other.

And they are.

Because when I go to bed at night,
I know I have a husband who loves me.
cares for me.
loves Jesus more than me.

God did not have to give me
such a wonderful man.

But He did.

And now, five years later,
Dan and I are 16 weeks pregnant
with two sweet babies.

I'm not saying that every day feels like a fairy tale
or that I'm living in a dream world...

I'm just saying...
that when I lay my head down at night
and see my husband laying next to me,
and look at my little belly bump that is holding our two sweet little ones,
and think about how we have a God who loves us
who promises to carry our little family
through life's ups and downs,
I can't help but be overwhelmed with thankfulness
and feel like I'm living in a real live fairy tale.


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