Wednesday, December 1

It's going to be a Shutterfly Christmas!

Dan and I have never given out Christmas cards before.
There really was no rhyme or reason
but I decided a couple years ago that
we would start sending them out
when we started having children
to plaster the front of the card with.

since there are two babies in my belly
I am doing Christmas cards this year
with our sweet little babies on them!
It's a surprise as to how exactly they will be done...
you'll just have to wait and see.
But I'll let you know...
they involve their ultrasound pictures
because I still haven't invented that little window into my belly
to take my own pictures of them yet.

This year, I am totally using Shutterfly photo cards for my Christmas cards.
They have so many options
and I've been having a hard time picking which I want to use!
Here are some of the ones I am really loving on:


Totally cute, right??

They are giving out 50 free photo cards this year
for bloggers!
If you are a blogger and want to take part of this promotion,
here is where you can get started!
This came at the perfect time
since it is the very first year our family is sending out cards!
Our family of *four*!
(Screaming with happiness!!)

I think I will come up with a way to frame our Christmas card 
and frame every year after
hanging them underneath the year before 
and using them as a Christmas decoration.
It will be super fun to see how our children have grown
when we pull out all the framed Christmas cards from years past
out of the Christmas decoration box.

I think a really fun tradition to start
would be to take a picture from each month
and create a Shutterfly photo calendar
to start the year with.
That will be totally exciting to plan next year!
I love photo calendars because every month
you get to look at fun pictures of familiar family faces.

I also love Shutterfly holiday cards.
They are beautiful!
This one is my absolute favorite.
Hands down.

So have fun with shutterfly this year
in making your holiday cards. 
I know I will! 
Super excited!
It will be super fun. 
Super shutterfly fun.


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