Tuesday, January 11

What happens when you cross an amazing baby gap sale and a pregnant woman....

Maybe it was the hormones.
Maybe it was the sale addict in me.
Maybe it was the extra 10% off I had for using my gap card.

Maybe it was the fact that I am pregnant with two girls
and I have a weakness for baby clothes right now
and baby gap girl clothing designers are amazing.

Whatever it was,
this is what happens when "Take an additional 40% off all baby sale items"
and a pregnant women
meet at baby gap
and fall in love.

The pregnant woman starts hyperventilating
and screaming
and doing a happy dance...
well, a happy teetor totter....
dancing feels a little too fancy right now with this belly-o-mine.
and the sale racks start singing
and there are rainbows
and milkshakes
and sunshine
and puppies.

Or possibly all of that was in the dream I had
when I fell to the floor
and fainted with happiness
when I saw the beautiful sale racks.

Well, actually the happy dance teeter-totter was real.
It was uncontrollable.

It was as perfect of a marriage
as the day I actually got married to Dan.

And was it happily ever after,
baby gap and me?
Yes. oh yes.

11 baby items at gap for $48.50.
That's $4.40 a piece.
Originally $221 total people.
Yes. I know.
I'm dying with sale and pregnancy induced, hormone elevated happiness too.
And the cuteness factor over here on the floor of my living room
is way over the moon.
Can't wait to stick my sweet little girls in all of this adorableness!


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