Thursday, March 10

All Things Big Baby Belly

i think the last time i blogged i thought my baby belly was big.

silly girl.

my *almost* 28 week baby belly could devour that 19 week baby belly.
my belly has gone from a cute little bump
to a big ol' beach ball.

and i love it.

i love having a big baby belly.
i love that it means my little girls are growing and growing.
and growing.
and growing more.
seriously- they are good at growing.
just ask my belly.

big baby bellies make putting socks on very tricky.
should i put a video up on me trying to put on my socks?
let's take a vote.
but i should warn you.
sometimes i teeter over while attempting socks.
it's not always pretty.

speaking of socks and such,
i am reminded that i haven't seen my feet in a while.
is there still nail polish on them?
what color did I paint them?
how many toes do i have again?

big baby bellies use up a lot of shower cream.
pretty sure the "use a quarter size for your body" rule
is now a "use three half dollars, two quarters, six nickels, and a dime" rule.

and that's just for my belly.

i told dan i felt like my big baby belly felt like a big bowl of jello.
just like santa.
he gave me a blank stare.
turns out santa has a big bowl of jelly.
not jello.
dan said i should have known because santa has been around longer than jello.
i guess i didn't know my jelly/jello timeline like i should have.

big baby bellies get a lot of response from people in the mall.
my favorite are the comments where people think i'm about to give birth at any moment.
and i get to explain to them
why my belly is the size of pluto
(which is small for a planet, but big for a belly).

i say "Actually, I'm not 'Ready to pop', I'm having twins. I have 10(ish) weeks to go!"
and the mall shopper or employee's eyes get a little bigger...
and their mouths shape into a circle
that reminds me of the faces on these cute things (sing-a-ma-jigs)
that my girls will certainly own...

i had a piano student's mom tell me 
her belly was 42 inches around her 39th week of pregnancy.
she then measured my 25.5 week belly. 
and i was 42 inches around. 

my big baby belly is my favorite. 
i love feeling my girls kick and roll and dance in my belly-o-round.

i love the sing-a-ma-jig faces i get in the mall.

i love that my maternity clothes don't fit as well as they used to...
okay-- i don't really love that part 
because i'm wondering 
what i will wear at the end
(side note: ideas- trashbags, sheets, a pumpkin halloween costume)
but i do find it quite hysterical that the clothing with extra length around the belly
made for this maternal time
does. not. fit.

i love my husband's great big belly laugh he gives
when i make him feel where my belly button used to be.

i love that i get to open new body wash soon.

love. love. love. 

i think the only thing i will love more than having a big baby belly
will be actually meeting those beautiful girls in my belly. 
i can't wait. 

and i will tell them how big my belly got
and how much i loved that it meant they were growing and growing
and that for as much as i loved having a big baby belly
i love them a million times more.


  1. your belly is beautiful. and you look adorable.

  2. I have missed your blog! It is my favorite. And, I also love your belly and it being full of jello!!

  3. aw, jello belly!! =) way better than a jelly belly! praying for you and can't wait to see pictures of your delightful duo!