Monday, June 20

Four Weeks Old: A Drama

this is a story
of two sisters who got their four week old picture taken.

somebody (whose name rhymes with mava) did not want her picture taken. 
her sweet sister molly tried to calm her down.

ava didn't want to be calmed down.


not at all. this shocked molly
though i'm not sure why. 
ava possibly is one dramatic baby. 

molly tried whispering comforting words to her sister. 

but ava wanted nothing to do with it.

finally molly convinced ava to calm down 
by explaining that they would get to eat
if she would just settle down for the picture.

ava likes to eat 8(ish) times a day. 
dear heavens, that's a lot of times.
but hey.... she loves milk.
look at this girl's face. 
one mention of food and she is all smiles.

finally, the ordeal was over. 
molly was exhausted after all her hard work with ava
and decided to take a nap. 
ava daydreamed about her table for one reservation.
mommy finally got the picture she was waiting for... 
though she quickly realized 
that the girls had been picture perfect
all along.


  1. Ashley, these pics are priceless and your comments were perfect!!! They are beauties and you and Dan are so blessed!!!