Monday, June 6

Growing Babies

We are doing weekly pictures with the girls. 
The idea was to do it at the same time of day 
to make sure the lighting stayed the same, 
but already, 
our new life has shown me 
that doing things at the exact time of day 
is just not going to always happen. 
This is bringing out a new "loosey goosey" side of me
and it's been fun. :)

*Ava is on the left and Molly is on the right*

Week one and two are getting posted together 
because Aperture has been wonky and crashing a lot 
and finally, my superhero husband fixed it
after many attempts and attacks. 
He really is my superhero. 
You should see him with the babies. 
Today, Ava was having an off day 
and the minute her daddy scooped her up 
and said hello, 
she was all eyes and no cries.
He is already her superhero, too.

Our girls are precious and I just love them. We are so blessed. 

Week 1- Still in our sleepy baby stage...

Week 2- This is obviously before daddy came home today... 
in all of our defenses, however, 
we weren't all tears all day... 
unless your name rhymed with mava. :)
poor girl. it's tough being 14 days old.
But that just meant mom got to cuddle with her extra.
making it a wonderful day. <3
For the picture, molly decided to sympathize with her sister.
she's a sweetie like that.


  1. Oh my!! I love them....Ava is hysterical...a little like someone I know who's name may sound a lot like Bashley. Love them!!

  2. haha i love how dramatic they look! wonderful girls! and yay for daddy(s) they save the day every stinkin' time!