Thursday, June 23

Happy (Month) Birthday!

happy one month birthday Ava and Molly.

every day that you have been alive
has been better than every Christmas, birthday, and vacation combined.
you bring joy to my life every day
and it still seems like a dream
that God answered my prayers for a baby
by giving me you two beautiful girls.

i love hearing you coo to one another
and flail your arms and legs all around out of excitement
and hearing you starting to coo at me and your daddy.

i love watching you follow "mr. cow man"
(the name given to our favorite rattly, squeaky black and white baby toy)
and see your little eyes pop out
when i sing my silly made up cow man song.

i am sad that we had to put your going home outfits away
because you don't fit in them anymore,
but then again, i'm excited too...
i can't believe you've been out of my belly for a month
and you already have grown so much.

you may be two tiny babies
but you take up my whole heart
and i am totally in love with both of you.

happy one month birthday sweet girls.

new babies. first day home.

shocked at how much we grew!


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