Wednesday, June 29

Moms (the best ones)

Moms take care of their babies.
They comfort them, teach them, and hold their hand.
They say they love you no matter what
and they really mean it. 
They pack lunches and cook dinner. 
They listen to your thoughts
and know the perfect thing to say in return. 

And then sometimes, Moms go over and beyond their motherly duties. 
They sacrifice by leaving their own home,
their husband,
their job,
their friends,
to come to your house and live out a suitcase for five weeks
to help you while you take care of your own new babies. 

They make 16 freezer meals for your freezer
and make you lunch and dinner nearly every day. 

They set their alarm for 6am every morning,
and bring orange juice and a granola bar to your bed
and let you sleep for four hours,
taking care of the babies the entire time.

They change poopy diapers, 
cheer for burps, 
and laugh when sticky breast milk is spit up 
and drips down their leg to their ankle
or all over their brand new shirt from Ross. 

They let you bounce off all kind of ideas and worries
about feeding, sleeping, spitting up, 
and every other baby related thing under the sun. 

They humor you and calm you
when you keep changing your mind
about the best way to do things, 
and when you panic about not knowing what to do,
and give you the most valuable advice in the whole wide world
which is to get off the internet
and just follow your own mommy-gut. 

They do so much laundry
that you run out of the giant baby detergent carton
and teach you the secret to getting every stain out of every garment. 

They clean your house, even your toilets, 
and keep the kitchen more sparkling then you ever could.

They makes you feel better about your after-baby body,
and tell you your stretch marks aren't that bad
and that your belly looks small
and it makes you feel so much better
even though you know they are lies. :)

They teach you all about taking care of babies
how to make bath time fun...
the creative way to take tight onsies off so it's not scary...
the greatest way to burp...
and remind you again to

They are your greatest cheerleader,
constantly encouraging and loving you,
even when you cry over spilled (and spit up) milk.

I knew my mom would come and help me take care of my babies
but looking back over the past five weeks, 
I can't help but notice that every single day,
she also took care of me,
and I am so thankful for all of the sacrifices and love 
that she continuously gave 
each and every moment
of every day
to me and my little family. 

And I truly believe that
if I can even be half of the mom to my girls
that my mom has been to me,
these girls will be the luckiest girls in all the land. 


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