Monday, June 13

Week Two in Review

this past week, the girls have found their tongues.
they keep sticking them in and out
and wiggling them about.
and it's adorable to watch.
i just can't take the cuteness.

awake time has become more meaningful.
they are more alert
and can follow a rattle
or a familiar voice
or music.

the girls grunt at each other.
it's like they have a secret language.

the other day,
dan grunted back at ava
to see what she would do...
and she grunted back at dan!
and they grunted and grunted and grunted.

and their grunts were both
hysterical and amazing to me.
ava seemed so smart
and dan seemed like a cave man.
and i loved it.

another first this week-
my little Molly got a cold.
and it breaks my heart.
i'm praying that she gets back to herself
as soon as possible.
she is still content and sweet
but a little sicker and a little sadder.

i am so thankful for these sweet little lives.
i am truly blessed
by a great God
whose plan for my life
is turning out much grander and lovelier
than i could ever have written for myself.
and i love the little blessings
He places in my little life
each and every day.


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