Saturday, July 9

6 Weeks Old

again, i took these pictures on time. 
i just didn't (obviously) post them on time.
too busy taking care of my precious little ones
and too busy eating oreos.
i'm eating like i did when i was pregnant.
which is a lot.
which is probably not a good idea long term.
which will probably result in a huge diet extravaganza
that i will fail at anyway.

what can i say?
when i'm happy, i eat!
and i'm so happy.
these girls are my sun and moon.
i love every little thing about them.
i feel so blessed
and i am so thankful
for my teeny tiny giant blessings.

picture time.

molly entranced by the light from the window.

happy girls. i love when they pose the same way on their own.
this happens all the time.
when they sleep.
in their stroller.
and lots of other times.
maybe it's a twin thing??

here is a cute shot of Ava's happy face.
it's not very fair of me to always post the pictures of ava crying
because she is a happy baby....
but she cracks me up-
she literally will be smiling one second and
then all of a sudden
she is sobbing.
but anyway,
she is a happy baby.
she smiles, coos
and is such a sweetheart. :)
case and point.

the girls have become big movers.
wiggling all over.
and when we talk to them,
their whole bodies go into a huge aerobic routine.

the following pictures are just some cute shots.
no commentary needed.
and ignore how the blanket keeps changing colors.
i'm still playing around with my new camera
and don't always have time to edit things the way i want.
loosey goosey.
it's the new me. :)


something else the girls do now is grab things.
not really on purpose.
they're not shaking rattles or anything yet.
but we are definitely on our way there. :)

sometimes grabbing things is scary
and makes us cry.

after our photo session
which both girls were happy for,
i decided to do some shots with the girls and dan.
the girls didn't love that idea.
as soon as daddy laid down,
and daddy joined in to be funny.
and i peed my pants laughing.

and the photo shoot ended.
and we all went downstairs and ate.
the girls had milk.
dan had dinner.
and i had 16 oreos.
kidding. sort of.


  1. I hope you haven't become too loosey goosey or twin set number two will be on their way soon.