Thursday, February 9

31-33 Weeks!

more pictures!!! 
these are some of my favorites. 
and remember, 
next week starts weekly uploading!
and this isn't some flaky promise
like all my diet and exercise promises are. 

speaking of dieting, 
i am a failure. 
i love food so much. 
i'm still trying. desperately. 
but i'm afraid that possibly my every day scarf wearing 
might be here to stay. 

ok. i know you are all tired of hearing 
about my chubby issues.
picture time.

31 Weeks
someone had a minor crying crisis directly before this picture. can you guess who?

loving molly's ballerina pose.

another crying crisis. look at molly's sympathetic face. presh.

32 Weeks

33 Weeks

love these cuties.