Tuesday, February 21

7x7 Link Awards

I was linked to this fun challenge by a fellow blogger whose posts make me laugh and make me feel normal, as I relate to her twin-mommy-hood-posts. I took the challenge and it was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy!

1. thank the person who nominated you
Thank you, Devan!! I love that in some way we are friends, even though we have never met. I would like to think that if we lived in the same area, we would be real-life-hanging-out-friends instead of cyber-world-friends as we go through twin girl adventures together. 

2. share 7 things about yourself 

1. I am kind of obsessed with food and dieting, which though they sound similar, are the exact opposites in my brain. Chocolate food, buttery food, cream cheesy food, nutella food, peanut butter food, fun dip and smarties food, and white kit kat foods equals happy and dieting equals sad. I am in a perpetual state between swearing off my happy foods and shoving them down my throat. 

2. I have wanted to be a mommy since I could say the word "mommy". And I never thought I would be one of the people who struggled with getting pregnant. But guess what.... I struggled with getting pregnant. During the year plus of trying to conceive, my husband broke his neck and should have died, a bajillion people I knew got pregnant, I ate my feelings in the form of oreos and milkshakes, and I cried a lot... but as I look back, it was a beautiful chapter in the story God is writing for my life. I fell into the arms of my Savior and started to truly let Him carry me because I was too tired and broken to walk on my own. I felt the Peace that passes all understanding. I learned to slow down and find the beauty in my circumstances... or more importantly, to trust that the beauty was there, even if I couldn't see it myself. 

3. I was *shocked* when I found out I was pregnant with twins. With a capital "are you freaking serious??". You would think someone that does fertility treatments who is also a someone who googles their brains out about every single thing would somehow think that twins could happen. But the doctor said it was unlikely that I would get pregnant on the first round of treatment and so I never even imagined I would get pregnant times two! But you know what? It was perfect. I'm glad I hadn't thought of it. The surprise was incredible. Dan and I started laughing and my heart was full of joy. I had prayed and yearned for a baby for so long and God blessed me with two! 

4. I kind of wish I had the talent to be on Broadway. My "acting days" (definitely and absolutely this term should be taken loosely) of high school are long gone and my singing days never really arrived, but my days of listening to and belting out the Miss Saigon and Wicked soundtracks in the car and in the shower are certainly here to stay.

5. It took me forever to come up with Molly's name. Since before we even decided to start trying to have a baby, Dan and I knew that if we had a girl, it would be Ava, and if it was a boy, it would be Jack. Never did I think I would need two girl names at once- what a fun challenge!! And so the search for a name began. Molly was Lily, Julia, Jenna, and Evelyn before she was Molly. And then while watching America's Next Top Model, there was a contestant named Molly and it just clicked for me. No- I didn't name Molly after someone on ANTM (not that there is anything wrong with that). It just gave me the idea. I still didn't commit 100% because obviously I was having name committal issues but sure enough, in the end, my sweet little baby B was named Molly.

6. I am a bonafide tv junkie. I watch way too much- nap time, dinner time, after baby bed time.... that tv is on. Sometimes I think I should turn it off and enjoy the quiet but usually, I don't. Even while doing chores or making dinner- I'm usually watching tv. Unless I'm vacuuming. That proves to be a little too fancy for me. But don't think I've thought about inventing a vacuum with a tv on it. That would be awesome. Kind of like those treadmills with tvs on them... those make me feel like maybe I'm not the only one obsessed with the tube.

7. I am petrified of the dark. I'm the girl who sleeps with the lights on if Dan isn't home, thinks that the $40 that goes to our security system every month is the best money we spend, and thinks that hiding under sheets and blankets protect me from "bad men". Darkness is almost as scary as dieting. Almost.

3. share 7 of your blog posts, in the following categories:
most beautiful: this one about awarding a pulitzer prize or this one about God testing my faith, because God taught me so much during that time in my life and there isn't much in life as beautiful as that. also this one about my mom... no explanation needed. <3

most helpful: mmm, i have a couple helpful posts you might be interested in: a warning about the laffy taffy looking stuff at the dentist, and why painting your bathroom is a bad idea

most popular: my post about the gym (shout outs to the scarf wearers) and big foot's brother from another mother (still traumatized). oh- and this was the most viewed Ava and Molly post

most surprisingly successful: my very first blog post!! i was nervous to start but i'm glad i did! 

most underrated: I was shocked that I apparently birth beavers but not many other people were. what are you trying to tell me?

most pride worthy: this post about Flipper because after I wrote it, I actually did learn to dive!

4. nominate another blogger

Michelle (ready. set. go!)


  1. I loved reading all those posts I had missed out on...I feel the exact same way about dieting issues. Especially how you can go from eating one 'fun size' candy to 15 in an hour. The other day I made no bake oatmeal cookies and discovered that my husband doesn't like them which led to me eating 10 of them in the course of a half a day before I made my brother-in-law take them. And then I really didn't want to see them go. Anyway. Love reading your blog. Love seeing your girls!