Sunday, July 29

Sort of new. Sort of the same.

I'm still here.

I had a little blogging break.
Life has been moving so quickly.
Literally quickly.
Ava and Molly are walking now.
and oh my sweet goodness are they fast.
When I heard the next stage was "toddling",
I kind of pictured a slow waddling walk,
kind of like what I try to do at the gym.
Ava and Molly do not toddle.
They basically do a wobbly-sometimes-resulting-in-falling-run.
Sometimes away from me
(because they have the remote or my phone or 13 wipes they pulled out of the container).
Sometimes to grab a toy that there is a sudden emergency to have
(usually because their sister wants it).
Sometimes right into my arms 
(which automatically becomes my favorite moment of the day). 
And sometimes just to run just because they can 
(which is adorable to watch).

but anyway, I'm still here.
and back to blogging. 
and still writing about life and babies and faith and food.

But I did change my blog name,
changed the url ( so please change it if you subscribe),
and my page even got a little makeover.

And to explain more and the who and the why about this newish, oldish blog
please read the "about me" section at the top of this page.
and don't forget to have that snack. : )


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