Tuesday, August 21

12:37 am

sometimes in the middle of the night when it's quiet,
i stop. i think.
i write.
i steal little bites of a dark chocolate bar.

and i see the gifts.
they are right in front of me.
i get so busy looking ahead
that i forget to look right here.

and then when my world is sleepy and stopped until tomorrow, 
and it's just me with no distractions,
i see them.

books on the floor, left crinkled and opened by little hands.
ava's dolly next to her chair, ready for a new day of patting and kissing.
a clean kitchen and put away dishes (and a husband who lovingly did it).
my soul warmed from an evening of mochas and friendship.
and a trader joe's bag on the counter filled with nourishment and satisfaction. 

yes. as i sit here and decide to let go,  
and give away the worries and guilt and questions to the One who tells me I don't need them,
it's then that i can sit and see that He takes care of me right here
and blesses me with so many things 
that i so easily can look beyond and miss to see.


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