Tuesday, August 7

Scotch Tape and Eric Carle

Earlier on, 
I found Molly and Ava reading the same book. 
As in, the same copy.
Eric Carle's Opposites
was now not one book, but two.

I started to feel myself getting frustrated.
I like things to stay nice and put together
and Ava and Molly have been in a destructive mood lately.
Food all over the floor, toys dumped and chewed on, 
and I'm pretty sure that they must have a pet beaver hidden somewhere
by the extensive bite marks all over their cribs.

But in all honesty,
when I took a step back and saw the girls reading quietly, 
I realized it wasn't a big deal.
It's just stuff.
Plus they were sharing. 
That is a big deal.

So tonight, 
I'll dig in my junk drawer for scotch tape
and bandage the little wounded book up
and place it on the shelf
but today,
I'm just going to let them enjoy this book apart, together.


  1. I have twin brothers and their destructive streak never ended. =) It's amazing how much trouble you can get into when there are two of you! Ha! My parent's toaster, vcr, tv, computer and toaster-oven may not have survived but two young men who still LOVE to take apart and put together things are very successful mechanics who still work together. Amelie had a baby beaver hidden somewhere too long ago. =)