Sunday, September 23

A & M

Dear Ava and Molly,

Today you are 16 months old.
16 months!

You are growing faster than time flies
and time. is. flying.

Ava- today, when we said "Night night" to you,
you said "Night-night Da-Da".
I never knew two word sentences could make me so proud.

Molly- you really needed your Mommy today
and just wanted to be with me
and that's okay by me
because I always want to be with you and your sister, too.

Little girls,
you are cautious and fearless all at the same time.
you are lovely and sweet and rock at cuddling.
you love bath time and play time and bed time.

It makes me sad but also proud
as I notice your wispy baby hair disappear into curls
and your once toothless smile turn into a teethy grin
and your first little "big-girl" shoes start to fit a little too tight.

And something compelled me
to stop the movement of the evening chores
and write this letter to you.
Paper and ink (or whatever the medium) helps make life slow down
even just for a minute,
and I needed that tonight.
I needed to slow down before the busy week began
and write this to you.

And tonight, I'm going to get you out of your cribs when I go to check on you
and hold you tight,
and smell your freshly washed soft, wispy curls,
and kiss your little noses,
and tell you how much I am in love with you.

to the moon and back, babies,
and back once more.


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