Tuesday, October 30

Lint Roller Art (also entitled- easy sticky art for toddlers that doesn't involve glue, thank goodness and amen.)

I really enjoy giving Ava and Molly little projects to do.
They love coloring, stickers, and do-a-dot markers.

Today, I wanted to do something fall-ish/thanksgiving-ish
to match the rest of my fall decorations and decor.

confession: I left my fall decorations in the garage because i-just-didn't-feel-like-getting-it-all-out-this-year-thank-you-very-much. thanksgiving project + toddlers = decorations!    

Anyway, I wanted to do some sort of turkey project and decided on a turkey mosaic design 
because I'm fancy like that. 

confession: not really fancy. I just didn't feel like cutting feathers. Straight lined rectangles were easier.

Here is where my dilemma lay. 
Construction paper + glue = really, really sticky. 
Add two toddlers to that mess and you are basically asking for an emergency bath before sundown.

I thought about double sided tape but knew I'd need a ton of it.

Then I started wishing there was such a thing as sticky paper....
and suddenly I realized that it did exist. It lived on my lint roller!

I taped two pieces onto a piece of paper
and taped a little turkey body on the paper, too. 
Voila! Easy for toddlers to stick paper to and easy clean up for mommy!

I think Lint Paper Art is here to stay. 
It worked really well!
I showed them how to put it on the sticky part of the paper
and they really started getting the hang of it and did it all by themselves!

Both girls really enjoyed it. 
Molly was bobbing her head and started saying "Stick a stick a stick a stick a"
and my little Ava was all business as usual. Give her a job and she'll get er done.

on a side note: 
I can't tell you how amazing it is to me
how different my girls are 
and how I love them exactly the same 
for exactly who they are. 
Not a drop more in either love bucket. 
I feel pretty special to be their mommy
and am so proud of how much they learn and do every day!

Speaking of being proud of them,
I taped those pictures right up on my cabinet
and keep going into the kitchen to look at them.
None of my other fall decorations would hold a candle to these pictures...

...even if they had made it out of the garage. 


  1. Don't you love how your best teacher skills can be used in your mommy-ing? I love the captians you wrote over the pictures in your best 2nd grade teacher writing....ala print-rich environment! What a great start you are giving your girls. Great project!