Wednesday, January 9


This blog has taken a backseat for awhile.
We were busy with stuff like.... moving to Florida.
Just stuff like that.
No big deal.
Have you ever flown on an airplane to Florida with toddlers before?
It's not something I'd suggest doing for fun.
But more on that later.

And here we are!
In Florida!

It hasn't sunk in yet.
Between the 82 degree weather
and trips to Disney,
this still feels like a vacation.
We feel very blessed to be here.
We miss our dear sweet family and friends already
so much.
so much.
so much.
But we are embracing this change
and trying to jump right into this adventure that God gave us.

I'm been thinking about this blog a lot lately.
I've been posting a ton on Facebook
but have decided to shift a lot of it to the blog
and post more here.
I feel like I'm facebook-newsfeed-overloading
and facebook is too tempting for me to go on and post all day.
Plus, I miss the journaling aspect of blogging.

So if you are here,
and want to read about our adventures big and small,
you can subscribe on the right
by clicking the blue "join this site" button
and then you can choose to be emailed when I post
or just put it on your google reader
or whatever you want to do.

We are in temporary living right now
and are moving to a different temporary living place tomorrow
because of, ahem, some dirt.
And by some I mean
"75 lysol wipes later and I gave up before the second bathroom and just shut the door" dirt.

But that's okay.
Dirt doesn't hurt- it just ruins the bottoms of your socks.
(my mantra while living here for a week- I know- it's catchy- soon every fortune cookie writer will want that one).

And the girls and I have taken full advantage of where we are
and went to Epcot today
where they even held hands for awhile
and took mommy on the Finding Nemo ride
that had a moving escalator type thing
which should have a sign on it that says "do not walk on this carrying twins".
Come on Disney-- get on that.
I'm sure it would be relevant to many.
I can't be the only mother who carried her twins on an omnimover
(the fancy name for the escalator-ish walkway)
to get on a ride she had never even been on before but decided to try it by herself with twins.

Well, either way, here are some pictures from our day.

Really Mom? You want to try and walk us in these single strollers, again?"

Holding hands. 

All wiped out from our fun morning (minnie too).


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