Monday, January 21

Props to Apple Once Again!

were you thinking that I just stunk as a blogger again?
not so.
my beloved computer was hating on me big time
and made it impossible for me to get on here.

my computer has been broken for the past few months.
after twenty minutes or so, it would freeze. 
but I lived with it and just kept rebooting it. 

but since we came to Florida, 
my computer became brooooooken.
like, I couldn't use it for more than 2 minutes without it freezing. 
which isn't good for shopping or blogging or researching.

anyway, you may remember the post that I wrote many moons ago about Apple.
not the fruit. the computer.
though I actually like apples a lot now
thanks to my new found discovery of the goodness of all things "real food".
but that's for another post.

my beloved Apple people helped me again.
i truly will love them forever.
like take them on vacation and put their picture on the mantel love them forever.

Dan took my four year old MacBook Pro to the Apple store on Saturday
where they diagnosed it for free (bad hard drive).
my husband put in a new hard drive on Sunday.
but it still didn't work.
so we took it back to the Apple store today
where they diagnosed the new problem. for free. again. and fixed it there.
while comping the labor and only charging us for one $15 part.

grand total for the whole kit and caboodle: $90.
and we thought I was going to need a new computer.
relief beyond relief.

and as a bonus, this blog can get the show on the road (again).
because blogging on your phone stinks big time (for real).
and it just wasn't working as well (hence why no new posts).
but now my computer, and thus my blog, is back up and running.

now it's time for a snack.
which happens to be apples.
with cheese. and honey.
and it's awesome. and you should try it.
and next time you need a computer,
you should buy a Mac.


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