Thursday, January 24

Three Cheers for Molly

We went to story hour today
at our quaint little library
on our tree-lined main street that I just adore.

Molly, as you may or may not know,
has been... apprehensive (to put it lightly)
of being anywhere but attached to my leg
while we are out.

Today, however,
about halfway into story hour,
Molly jumped up and ran to the center of the room where some other toddlers were.
She gave me a big smile
and I almost cried
because I was so proud of her
and also, (let's be real here),
a break from the hip attachment is nice.

Something I love about my Ava...
Ava acts as a little mommy to Molly and it's quite adorable.
The other day, during nap time,
I watched on the monitor while Molly was doing little bursts of screams.
(not crying screaming, just silly screaming).
Ava popped up too and right away held her finger up to her lips.
"Shh Mo-ee. Shh. No no no. Shh. Shh. No."
My heart.

Well today, Molly ran up to be closer to the action
and Ava watched her for a minute.
She then busted out of my arms and ran up too,
and started patting Molly really fast with her hands,
doing a happy dance with her feet,
and grinning from ear to ear.
She didn't care about the story or seem to notice anyone else,
and truly was just excited for Molly.
It seemed as if, in her own toddler-mommy way,
Ava was cheering Molly on.

In fact, I'd like to believe she was saying,
"Molly! Great job! Keep it up! You should try this in nursery on Sunday!"

And maybe she was saying that and maybe she wasn't ;),
but as you can see in this picture,
she certainly loves her sister
and I couldn't help but just feel warm all over
thinking that they will always have each other rooting for them.