Wednesday, March 27

"nap" time

As soon as I opened the door to the girls' room,
It quickly became apparent to me that I was living one of a mom's worst nightmares.
A first for many babies (one that some never do- you lucky moms, you)
and a rite of passage
to rigged pajamas and closer watches on the monitor.

My dear little Molly was in her bed naked.
During her two hour and thirty minutes of "napping",
she certainly had accomplished a lot.

Her first time unzipping her sleep sack (and allll the way down).
Her first time taking of her clothes.
And her very first time taking off her diaper.

And then, like any normal toddler would do,
she decided that her newfound naked freedom wasn't enough
but decided to become an artist of sorts
and smear the contents of her diaper all over her bed. blankies. bumper. sheet.
even beloved Minnie got a good helping.

"Molly- what did you do???"


"Yes. I see that. Why did you take your diaper off??"

"Seep sack."

"Yes. I see you unzipped that. You made a really big mess. Are you supposed to take your diaper off?"


"Well, no. You're not. Now come here and let Mommy clean you off."

And I proceeded to clean her off, telling her in my very best calm-but-with-big-Mommy-eyes voice that we can't take off our clothes and diaper because it makes a very big mess.

I finished cleaning her off and stood her up.

"Molly-- what did Mommy say? You can't take off your diaper, right?"

She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye (those of you that have been around Molly long enough know what I'm talking about-- she has this very specific, very cute, very silly twinkle).

"Diapa dance."

And I kid you not, she started to dance with happy feet and arms in the air
to "Diaper Dance", a beloved song around here from "Baby Singing Time."

Clearly, my meaningful talk with my almost two year old was slightly less than successful.

I started assessing the damages done to her bed
and suddenly, she stopped dancing and came over to me from behind.
"Hi, Mommy!" she said, throwing her arms around my neck.

"Hi, baby. We can't take off our diaper, okay?"

And I turned to look at her
and my busy bee was already happily off to her next adventure
and that was the end of that.

And really, it was the end of that.
Because tonight, that little girl's sleep sack is going on backwards.

Monday, March 11

I'm glad you were born. I'm glad you are mine.

I met him when he was just 16.
Handsome as all get out and way cooler than me.

God brought us together one year later
(and maybe I got a little cooler too... I did have new vans sneakers that year)
and we've been in love ever since.

It feels like we've been through it all together already
and we kind of have.

I was in an american history class and he sat behind me.
We became study buddies and I've never enjoyed american history more in my life.
But the timing wasn't quite right for the two of us
and we left school that year just as friends.

Summer happened and we grew up a little bit
and I got those awesome sneakers.
And suddenly, we were spending a lot of time together.
And then somewhere along the way, love happened.
And it never left.

And love is hard sometimes.
When one goes to college and the other is still in high school.
When you run out of minutes on your 1,000 minute calling card and it's only October.
When you're in two different worlds at the same time.

But eventually, everyone grows up a little bit more
and then you get engaged
and married.
and fat.
well, he didn't. but I did.
I was happy and in love and grew three sizes too big.
Kind of like the Grinch but kind of not because I didn't grow big on Christmas spirit
but on too many pizzas and jelly beans.

And we cut back on the pizza and jelly beans
but not on love.
When you're in love, it just keeps growing.
And ours certainly did.
And quite honestly,
even though those days were filled with long hours at work and lots of studying,
those first few years were filled with laughter, fun, and sunshine.

And then came some really hard roads.
broken baby dreams and a broken neck.
Where sometimes, we would just sit on the couch together,
quiet because it hurt to talk, sometimes even to breathe.

And when you go through the great times with your soul mate, life is good.
But when you go through the hard times together, life is still good.
We leaned on our faith and leaned on each other
and at the end of each day, I was still laying next to him. He was God's gift to me.
If God hadn't blessed me with one more thing, I was still abundantly blessed.

And now we have two little girls and I couldn't imagine a better dad.
Even after a busy day at work, he comes home and plays with the girls like it's a Saturday morning.
They adore their daddy. They are as in love with him as I am
and I pray they grow up to be just like him. clever. intuitive. sweet. selfless. Christlike.

He is smart. He could win any lego contest or "who wants to be a millionaire".
He is kind. I'm not sure he knows how to yell.
He is helpful. Changes poopy diapers. Cleans the garage. Never forgets to take out the trash.
He loves the Lord. He loves me. He loves our girls.
He helps me when I struggle. He gives me advice.
He doesn't get mad if I cry over silly things.
He supports my crazy sewing/exercise/eating/crafting/whatever else pops in my brain endeavors.

I have known him for almost half of his life
and each day I know him, I fall in love with him more.

And today, he is 30.
He deserves a medal for all that he does
and a crown for all that he is.
And he isn't one to toot his own horn
so I thought I'd take a minute and toot it for him.

I love you, Dan.
Thanks for being the greatest study buddy, boyfriend, fiancee, husband, and dad ever.
Thanks for loving me even when I'm hard to love.
Thanks for trying new paleo recipes with me even though you sometimes hate them.
Thanks for unloading the dishwasher before work if we forgot the night before.
Thanks for being the greatest Dad to our girls and teaching them how to play Legos.
Thanks for letting me dig in the Ben and Jerry's for the Heath Bar chunks
and for leaving surprises in my car for me to find on hard days.
Thanks for going on crazy adventures and fun vacations with me
and for letting me pick the music on the journey,
even when it's sometimes not John Mayer and is P!nk instead.

And thanks for letting me be the one to celebrate you today.
Of all the things we've shared together,
our love is my favorite.
Happy, happy birthday.
I'm glad you were born.
I'm glad you are mine.