Wednesday, June 5

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days where motherhood overwhelmed me.

I used to be afraid to say it,
to even think it,
lest it make me appear to be inadequate, insufficient, ungrateful. 

but if I'm going to be very honest about our day,
messes and tears and life were spilling out all over the place
and not anything I could do or say or be seemed to be the right thing
and I second guessed and got frustrated with myself
for not figuring out the world of toddlers in one day.

Admitting all of this was something once upon a time I would never do.
But I've realized that no matter how thankful you are for your little life and your little family
you will have days where you just feel overwhelmed by the job set before you
and that's okay.
It doesn't make you any less of a mother,
or any less grateful for the blessings given to you.

And I just kind of wanted to say it
in case anyone else had a day like that too.

Just know, you aren't alone.
There are at least two of us now
and just maybe a few more, too.