Thursday, July 18

The Little Things

the little things...

teaching Ava and Molly how to play hide and seek.
a two hour phone conversation with my kindred spirit.
buffalo chicken quinoa for dinner.
a shiny sink.
stacks of books from lunchtime reading.

these are gifts. blessings.
things that do my heart so much good.

life isn't all goals and plans and dreams.
life isn't all work and bills and to-do lists.

life is lollipops after you eat your broccoli.

it's painted piggy toes.

it's sitting around the kitchen table
and enjoying conversations with the ones that once upon a time were in your belly
and the one that once upon a time was just a high school crush.

it's wagon rides and first swims in puddle jumpers.

it's permanent markings on a brand new chalkboard where peppa pig went skating.

it's blankies and sucked thumbs and nap time thunderstorms.

it's applesauce on the chair from little girls who are perfecting their use of a spoon
and a small green pea placed directly in the monkey's mouth on the placemat.

it's the joyful screams of daddy's name when he walks through the door
and the twinkle twinkle little stars before bed.

it's so easy to forget
that these things, these named little things, are in fact not little things.
these ARE the things.
the things that create passion and laughter and joy.
the things that teach us about grace and love and beauty.

yes. we will always have goals and dreams and a plan for the future.
we will always have big things on our minds. on our plates. on our hearts.
we just can't forget to take time to live in the real life right now things.
the beautiful. the simple. the warm.
the things from which life is made.
the so-not-little-in-any-way little things.