About Me

I am a wife to my high school sweetheart 
and a mom to two beautiful and busy twin toddler girls.
I'm not Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart. 
I can't dive, whistle, kill spiders, 
diet successfully for more than three days hours, 
leave a bag of peanut butter m&ms alone, 
touch raw meat without gloves on, 
successfully keep the toys organized, 
or find time to shower every day.
My days go by quickly, as I'm sure yours also do. 
For a long time, I used to lay in bed at night
and think about all the things I didn't get done and wanted to change.
Make lists of lofty goals I would try to do tomorrow. 
Stress and plan and worry and feel inadequate. 
But after awhile, I got to thinking and I realized something.
I realized there was something I could do. 
I could stop worrying and start living.
I could start letting my best be enough.
I could see each day for the gift from God that it was,
and enjoy the journey.
and then I wrote this blog post.
So start there. 
and please know, 
my blog is not about loving every single moment of every single day.
Have you ever tried to use a snot sucker on a screaming toddler (x2)?
I'm sorry, but there is no joy in that moment. 
The point is that life moves too quickly to let it slip by. 
Life is a gift and goes by in a blink. 
and it's important to recognize that 
"mistakes will be made, the house will not always be clean,
the vegetables will go bad while the Oreos are eaten,
and the only squats done all day will be the ones you do
when you pick up fallen peas and bananas around the high chairs.
but that's all okay...
because if you look closely,
those same moments are filled with cheerios and chubby cheeks,
little ones finding their voice with mamas and peek a boos,
tiny toes and little socks, new teeth smiles and squeaky giggles."
So what is this blog about?
This blog is about my blinks. 
The ordinary moments and the big ones too,
sometimes messy but always filled with pink.
And please know that while I'm blogging
which is usually during naptime or after the girls go to bed, 
that I'm also eating a snack, 
and it's probably delicious, 
because it's probably not an apple.
And I hope you are eating a snack that is delicious to you, too. 
Because while life is too short to not enjoy the journey,
it's also too short to not pack snacks for the ride.


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